Monday, April 21, 2008

Metformin Day 3: 04/21/2008

Back again for my check-in! Things are going so well for me; I am so excited. The day was a very good one. I can't believe how much energy I have! I cleaned the whole downstairs today, floors too! It usually makes me exhausted to clean a room but today I just had all of this energy.
For my fellow PCOS ladies, have you heard about cinnamon? Apparently, taking about 1/2-1 tsp a day will actually HELP your insulin problems. I did more research today and found out that cinnamon has some natural properties that when taken daily will open your cells up allowing better metabolic process of insulin. Imagine that- Cinnamon! I would never have guessed. So girls, break out the applesauce (organic of course) and dump some cinnamon into it and enjoy!
I had another great day with the metformin. Not even a stomach ache today. I enjoyed cheese crackers and fruit this morning (I'm not really a cereal girl) and I had a half sandwich made with salami and mustard and a slice of pizza for dinner. I'm making roasted chicken for the family but not really hungry myself so it might be more fruit tonight. Tomorrow I take the two doses of metformin so I expect more side effects tomorrow, but so far so good. I am having some cramping on the left side of my pelvis so maybe I will actually ovulate soon? Hopefully at 1000 mgs, I'll show more signs of ovulation and at 1500 mgs, I might even have a period!! I can't wait! Sounds stupid to normal people, but for us pcos patients, periods are good things to have.

There is one side effect that I am having though and that is bloating. I feel huge!! My stomach is hard and my whole stomach feels full all of the time, but I am hopeful that soon it will subside. I'll post again on this tomorrow and hopefully it won't be so bad. It's more of an annoyance than anything, but still a side effect to make note of.

Have a great day and enjoy your cinnamon!


Sally said...

Cinnamon?!? Hmmm. Well, at the very least, it can't hurt! And fruit is good for you. It also might be contributing to your bloating (fruit, I mean). Any dietary changes can throw your gut into a tailspin.

Stacey said...

man am I feeling it Sally. lol I feel 6 months pregnant with this!! Your dog is cute btw.