Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good news and the bad.

Hello Everyone,

I post this with a heavy heart but trying to look on the bright side. Taking the good things with the bad is part of life right?
Well, I stayed on the Metformin, still juggling between the 2 and the 3 pills a day. Funny thing, my mother in law came out about two weeks ago and I had a "surge" of hormones. Possibly stress? I don't know, but it happened. I had symptoms of ovulation and was really trying not to get optimistic about it, but figured something was going on down there.
Needless to say, about a week later my chest started to hurt. I didn't think anything of it and had wine and a few rum and cokes over the weekend but still, thought maybe it was just my ovaries "waking up". I haven't had an actual period in so long that I wasn't expecting anything to come of this sudden surge of hormones. Boy was I wrong.
Two days ago I took a pregnancy test and got a very faint line. Shocking, to say the least. I had looked at that test about 15 times an hour, just staring at the second line wondering how my life was going to change, but still not trying to get "too" hyped because the line was so faint... anything could happen. I asked Bill (my husband) to get a few more tests and to bring them home for me to retest with.
He came home with the EPT +/- test and I took it as soon as he walked in the door. I had been "holding it" in anticipation, lol. I watched the test while it was working and felt my heart drop when I saw no other line form. I waited and kept looking at it. I held it to the light, turned it upside down, took the strip out.. everything- still no line. Bill and I ended up fighting all evening. I guess I was so upset and discouraged that I kind of took it out on him. I went to bed slightly crampy, still with a sore chest, still feeling hormonal...

I woke up this morning tempted to use the other test to see if the line would appear today but didn't want to go through another negative, so didn't take it. By 10 am, I started cramping harder and used the rest room to see AF rear her ugly head.

This is bitter sweet for me because yes, it was hard to see that line.. but hey!!! I Ovulated!! My egg fertilized! Did it stick? no... but I actually ovulated! Hallelujah! I can look at this as a loss, but I take it as a good sign. All is not lost and there is hope that maybe someday I can get pregnant again but maybe with medical help to *keep* the baby.

Bill has asked me to wait until we get back to the US and for me to see a specialist. He'd like for me to lose some weight and see if I can get my periods regular so that I don't have to take so much medication, and he'd like to be promoted in the military first. I can see what he means. I am okay with that.

So I just wanted to let you all know that yes, the Metformin is working. I am going to work harder and losing weight and being more consistent with my medicine.
If you are still a follower of this blog, thank you for you interest. I hope I can keep inspiring others to not give up. It's harder for us, but makes it so much more worth it when the good things happen. I can't believe having a period and ovulating has become such a big "thing" in my life where before I would just complain about it happening and gripe that I had to deal with the cramps. I miss the cramps and the consistency and all of the hormones... lol I miss not plucking my chin and not worrying about cancer. But I ovulated and that is a good sign.. and I am going to walk away thinking about that and not the faint line. Maybe someday I will get a dark line and have a healthy pregnancy, but for now, ovulation is good.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update, Still on the Metformin. :)

Hello my PCOS Cysters,

I hope this blog finds you all well. I am sure some of you are waiting for your update, so here it goes.

As of today January 17th, I am still taking the Metformin and am taking the full 1500 mgs dose. I don't know why, but I have such a hard time getting all three pills in one day. I hear from others that there is an extended release pill available but I can't get that until we get back to the States. It never made sense to me why I would take 2 pills in the morning and 1 in the evening, but I have been following the Drs advice as best I can. It would make more sense for me to take 1 morning, 1 in the afternoon, 1 evening, but with the 2 in the morning, I have strong side effects in the AM and then they lessen and are manageable by afternoon.

As of right now, I am 6 days late for my "period" and am going to start some progesterone this evening to see if I can bring one on and then hopefully will ovulate next month. I can't really get upset about not ovulating considering I have been up and down between 2 and 3 pills daily. I can report in that I have had a lot more control over my hunger. Food isn't really much of an issue these days. There are certain foods that upset my stomach more, but all in all, I'm not eating all day long like I used to be.

I've lost about 8 pounds since starting the metformin but saw most of this loss when I got up to the full 1500 mgs dose. I still have side effects and some days can be really bad, but I've promised to see this through. I am not losing hair this time. I still have hair growth in areas that I would prefer not to, but it seems not as thick.

I just wanted to thank those who have been reading my blog for all of the kind messages I have received. It is nice to know that although we are all stuck dealing with our PCOS issues, that the common bonds have allowed me to make new friends. I just want you all to make sure that you don't give up or get disheartened by the Metformin side effects. I hope one day that they will find a newer medication that does the same as Metformin without all of the side effects, but for now, it does it's job.

I must warn you though, in closing, that it is not a good idea to drink alcohol while on Metformin. Your liver has to process the medication through and when you drink, your liver then has the Metformin and alcohol to process and it can lead to really bad headaches. If you are dealing with bad headaches with the Metformin, you probably have a buildup of lactic acidosis and need to really push the water. You have to drink a lot of water with Metformin so your liver can process it as efficiently as possible. Drinking compromises that process, so if you decide to drink, keep it to a minimum.

I will post again soon. Take care everyone.